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I cannot say enough great things about Ronita! As first time buyers, she helped my wife and I navigate every step of the process. From thinking about the right neighborhoods to dealing with mortgages and financing, Ronita and her team were on the ball. It went exceptionally well, and having her in our corner made us confident the entire time. If you are looking for a broker, Ronita and her team should be your top choice

Brett Hornby

“Brenda Rau was warm, patient, and quick to address any concerns we had during our apartment rental process. She was very flexible with and giving of her time. More importantly, we appreciated her honestly with regards to questions we had about the finishes, building management, neighbors and the general market. We genuinely felt she had our interested and needs in mind.Sincerely,Seung Eun Pennay”

“I’m a former Real Estate Broker in NYC for over 16 years so I knew what needed to be done to sell our Townhouse.

My husband and I hired Luis & Ronita to sell our Three-Family Townhouse, however, I was a little skeptical to be honest but my sister basically pushed me into a listing meeting. After meeting Luis & Ronita I signed the agreement immediately. Ronita was the point person that took over and wow were we impressed in her professionalism, keenness and knowledge of the market and doing a deal. She made us feel as if we were her only clients; which we knew was impossible and not the case, but that was the attention we received from the day we signed the listing agreement to the day we closed. She made sure we were in the loop and knew exactly the outcome of each showing; optimistic, energetic and an infectious drive to get the deal done, even while planning her wedding! Very impressive multi-tasking to say the least.

My husband and I truly respected her attention to details as to ensuring our success and would refer Ronita a million times over. We say this knowing the business and knowing there are thousands of agents in NYC. We value Ronita as one of the best and have already referred her because we are confident she can get the deal done and done right.

Luis, you have a true diamond on your team and thank you!

Ronita, we love you and will refer you to everyone we know!! Thank you so, so much for your hard work….

Margaret "MJ"Adams”

Brenda was an attentive and skilled broker in our search for an apartment. We were moving to New York from out of town and had only two days to find a place to live. Brenda prepared an extensive list of candidates, all in our target area, and then toured all day with us both of the days we had available. After we had seen all the units we had agreed on, Brenda insisted on taking us to one last place we had earlier "X-ed" off from an online list of candidates. In person, we realized it was perfect for us. Brenda then negotiated the price to the point that it was also the cheapest place we had considered, by a decent margin.

It takes a skilled broker to know one's preferences better than oneself, and an honest broker to push the unit she stands to benefit from the least. We would definitely use Brenda again if we were looking for another apartment, or to do a purchase someday in the future.

James Aguilar

Ronita was a pleasure to work with throughout the sale of my one bedroom coop on the Upper West Side. Although it was a smaller listing, Ronita and her team gave it the same treatment as one of their multimillion dollar listings, using a graphic designer, staging, and hosting open houses until we had signed contracts. We went into contract in just two weeks! Ronita came prepared to all meetings, was highly responsive and professional. She managed the board package process and worked with the board and management company up until closing. I am very happy we decided to work with Ronita and her team on the sale of our home.

Recently I decided to sell my condo in Midtown. I have been in the Manhattan real estate business as an owner and developer for 30yrs, in that time I have run across many different types of personalities in this business. Ronita has been with out a doubt the most responsive well organized and more then willing to get the job done type. She was not only professional she is a pleasure to deal with. It's rare to come across a broker in this city that you feel they have your best interest at heart. Her and her team did a fantastic job for not just me the seller but also a great job for the buyer.

Thank YouMichael Polizzi

Luis and Ronita provided unprecedented levels of service, regular updates/communication and really know how to handle prospective buyers. Outstanding team who is always informed.

John T. Mitchell

"Luis and his team are absolutely terrific at promoting and selling property. I've never seen anything like it. After staging just one open house at my condo which garnered five bids, Luis ultimately sold my place for $210,000 more than the asking price! You can't ask for better than that!"

Bianca Lanza

Luis and Ronita are quirky, fun and consummate professionals. Not only did I get great results, but I had lots of fun in the process. Luis also has an uncanny eye for staging. I truly felt like they viewed my property as unique, and sold it as such.'

Garin Toren

My first impression of Luis was that he was a new kid on the block in the ferocious New York City real estate market with a long way ahead of him. But it didn’t take long before I changed my mind. For a newcomer, his confidence, hard work, and determination are incomparable. He is a fireball of energy just waiting to explode with the ability to negotiate like no other. It didn’t take him long to convince me to give him the opportunity to sell 50 Lispenard. He took on my challenge of selling 1 unit in 1 week in order to get the exclusive listing for the entire building, a feat that scared most brokers away. Even though he was unable to find a buyer in that one week, he left no stone unturned in his attempt to do so. His dedication, positivity and go getter attitude is something even seasoned brokers do not possess. His hard work and professionalism will surely take him a long way. Watch out for this guy New York…..he is here to stay and as Luis would say "….like there is no..... tomorrow".

Jasmit Chaddha

Since I first met Luis I liked him. the way he planned our time, presenting himself so professionally, with great taste, style, manners – i just knew he will understand what I want and what I need. We spent a great day and we found what I was looking for. It took him only a day or two. Impressive! I got a great deal, he didnt waste my time. During lunch break we had an inspiring conversation over a cup of coffee and I must say – the energy that was coming from Luis is so "sticky". It took me over! He is always so optimistic, I never seen him without a smile on his face! Its great to do business with people like Luis. Makes everything so pleasant and easy. Every time I see him in my neighborhood with a smile and always busy and no surprise why – he has a lot of motivation, love of life and business, he enjoys everything he does.. I wish him all the best in future!

Ieva Laguna

I was asked to write a testimonial for Luis, but the truth is, I would have done it without any prodding from others. I have only recently met Luis through a series of events and happenstances and feel like in the short time we have known each other, he has become a colleague, friend and a confidant, not only to myself but to my wife as well. Both of us were swept away by his never ending energy and spirit. His unlimited fountain of youth is infectious. His handshakes and back pats lack the insincerity so often found in his industry [and others of course], rather, they speak to his effusive and over bubbling pride in his work. Maybe I can best say that he simply is not large enough to contain his own energy. If I could bottle him, I’d make a fortune, forget energy drinks (Bloomberg, are you listening?) OK, I’ve spent a few sentences on his energy. But what of his professionalism? His knowledge? His ability to make a deal? Despite his relative youth, he knew his stuff. He was spot on with his numbers, his historical references, his ability to glean what we needed and wanted (and what we desired, not necessarily the same thing).He knew what had to be done and what were some hidden surprises we could expect to find. He was unflinching in his insistence that this was a good deal (he was, of course, right) and made us see the right path when we paused. In short, he made our deal happen, despite ourselves, and to our ultimate betterment. As an early post script. we have been here for some months and there has not been one moment of ‘buyers remorse’ (although i have heard that there was quite a bit of ‘sellers remorse!’). Our deal was, perhaps unusual for many reasons. Not the least of which was we were asking for a near impossible situation. A wonderful opportunity, a home for our family in a desirable location and all for an impossible price. Could he do it? You bet. And to place this scenario in perspective, we have actively been looking for this situation for over 3 years! We had scoured every possible situation, roped in neighborhoods miles away, looked at crumbling piles of bricks to pristine new developments, all to no avail. He found our home within 48 hours of meeting him and it was the ONE. This comes after working with other respected brokers for several years, diligently turning over stones. When we met and he said he could get it done, I was, skeptical. But he kept his word, and made it happen. (He even managed to steal the deal away from another prospective buyer to boot). And above it all, he remained professional and clear. Would I use Luis again? Of course. He added to the process and was always a joy to speak to. Feel free to call me at any time to go into this further.

Adam Kushner

I have spent my whole life in sales, whether selling myself, my company or my ideas. Over that time I have met some truly gifted individuals. None however, that compare with with the unique talents of Luis.

In Australia we have a saying; "he could sell sand to the Arabs". Luis could not only sell sand to the Arabs, he would broker a deal for them to on sell it to Singapore for land fill. The reasons why the Singaporeans would buy the sand from the Arabs, is Luis has already convinced the Arabs that developing property on the expanding island of Singapore is a great investment! The Singaporeans having already been convinced that foreign investment is the best way to solve their housing shortage. Everyone’s a winner and so the circle continues.

Luis Ortiz does not think about "what is", he is obsessed with "what could be" and how to work with the endless possibilities that are always around us. The clarity of mind to foresee these opportunities is a rare gift that most of us do not understand or take time to exercise.

Luis does not try to sell you anything, he tries to understand what you want to achieve in life and what your immediate needs or wants are to achieve that ambition. If there is something he can do to help you achieve your dreams then he will do it. That may be finding you an apartment, it might be introducing you to someone that can help your career or it may just be buying you a drink and having some fun if you are new in town.

When my family and I moved to New York we met Luis in a professional capacity but he quickly became a mate. Where I come from a mate is more than just a friend, it goes much deeper than that, it is someone you trust implicitly. He just also happens to be a consummate professional in everything he does.

Show me someone who has met Luis Ortiz, who’s life was not better for it!

Michael Scala

Luis Ortiz and his team were a pleasure to work with in NYC. I owned two condo's in Manhattan and asked Luis to give me an estimate of how much he could sell each unit. I felt both appraisals were right on target, and ended up selling one unit $5K over the asking price!

The team was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and respectful of my tenant, and acted in a quick manner....selling the unit within a week!

Would certainly use Luis and his team in the future!


Steve Johnson

"In this industry, to be successful, you need to possess a certain passion, drive, and eye for real estate. These are qualities I always strive to maintain as a real estate professional and traits that Luis Ortiz fully embodies himself in his daily practice. He entered this industry at a young age, as I did, which gave him an extra edge. I saw a fire in him back then that shines as bright as ever today. I consider Luis not only a colleague but a friend and I am looking forward to seeing what is next for him."

Natasha Vardi

Ronita Kalra was the listing agent on my CoOp sale on the Upper West Side this year(2104). I had selected Ronita from my past experience with her when she worked at Apple. I knew her work ethic, intelligence, and ability to always succeed in the past, would be a good indicator of how she would handle the sale of my most valuable possession (my home).

When she showed up at the interview with Luis to meet myself and my wife I was so satisfied with all the work they had already done, towards selling my CoOp, and we had not even listed with them yet. This of course was another indicator of me selecting the correct person to sell my real estate. She had done all her homework , and you could tell how well she understood the NYC real estate market. Ronita is always professional, and understands thevalue of a partnership between seller and Broker.

Needless to say, on our first day of listing we had a record turnout, and received 6 offers from the first day on the market. Interestingly enough I thought we had priced the property a little high and she assured me we did not. She continued to educate me on the market conditions, and when it was all done I had accepted an offer in that week for 5.5% above list price.

I would recommend anyone interested in selling their property to use Ronita Kalra as the listing agent. You may never find someone more capable to handle the sale of your property.

Tom Gutman



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